Tuesday, October 04, 2005

North Bend Photos

Here are some photos from when the King 20 Skyway Fire Department recruits went to the North Bend Fire Training Academy for their final weekend of live fire training. We, as a class, completed four training modules at North Bend Burn to Learn, Search and Rescue, Flammable Liquids, and Multi Company Operations. The first two were completed the first weekend we went to North Bend back in June and the final two were completed in July. All of the recruits passed the four modules and we were very whooped after each weekend was over, but EXTREMLY EXCITED to begin pulling shift in anticipation of our first real LIVE fire call.

A little late but oh well... Skyway Fire Department Recruit Graduation

Here are some pictures from Brandon's King County Fire District 20 recruit graduation on Saturday July 23, 2005. We had a small ceremony for freinds and family that lasted about 45 minutes to an hour. The instructors and the Chief spoke a few words and then the new recruits were given a certificate, and a new helmet, and their new King 20 badge. Then we took photos with the Chief and photos in front of the engine. After this ceremony the new recruits begin six months of probation inwhich they must complete certian tasks inorder to be sworn as full fledged firefighters in January. I unfortunatly was injured shortly there after and I am now on a medical leave of absence which I hopefully will be able to come back to light duty and start pulling shift (every sixth night) in January or so, but that will be up to the doctors.