Thursday, December 22, 2005

Family Christmas number one

Hello all,

Last week Christie's family flew out here to Seattle to spend an early Christmas with the grand child, Abigael, and her parents. Tom, Pat, and Grandma Myrtle flew from N.C. on Wednesday the 14th and left early on Monday the 19th. The three ladies and one little girl went out and spent lots of time together plundering the stores for the best deals on Christmas gifts. The grandparents and great grandparent did their duty in spoiling the Princess. On Sunday we had "Christmas morning" with present opening by Abigael. Once she got the hang of it she really got into the swing!! Abigael recieved clothes, books, a "Little People" doll house, a table and chairs set, and LOTS of Love! Mom and dad recieved some new sheets, comforters, some clothes, and a new printer!! Thank you so much from all of us! We had a great visit with family we do not get to see very often. It is awesome to see FOUR generations of women together. Here are some pictures from their visit!!

New potty more fun than the doll house

Oh, now I get it, you tear the paper!!

Like this!!

Here ya go little precious Princess, Merry Christmas!!

Four generations of women

Brandon's healing update


So I am healing slowly...VERY SLOWLY! The graft is incorporating and I do have so small amount of new bone growth. But I still have about THREE INCHES of bone to grow!!! I can weight bear up to 50% and I am doing PT with a cycling orriented Physical Therapist. I am also using electro-magnetic pulse stimulation to help regenerate new cell growth (It's called a Bone Growth Stimulator....huh huh he he ha ha huh you said "bone stimulator") for six to twelve weeks it can help growth by up to a 60+% increase over not using it at all!! I can also use the stationary trainer, isometric excercise, and swimming now. BEWARE ALL I WILL BE BACK AND STRONGER THAN BEFORE. Cat 2's & Master A's here I come!! Meanwhile I heal and train on Injured Reserve... For the whole story click here and here