Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Our Wonderful Family!

We just want to take a few minutes to thank and tell our parents and extended family how much we appreciate and love them. All of the help and support they have given us during the past six weeks has been such a blessing! There have so many that have given their time, assistance, and support, but we'd like to publicly tell a few how much they've meant during this trying time.
Brandon's mom, Kathie, was here visiting when Brandon was in his accident. Although she had been scheduled to leave the next day, she stayed another two weeks to help care for Brandon and Abigael while Christie worked. (I'm sure she didn't mind the extra time with her granddaughter.) Thank you so much, Mom, for everything!!! Brandon's dad, Cam, also spent a week and a half in Seattle. The chores he did around the apartment building for Brandon were above and beyond, Thank you!
Aunt Mary and Uncle Wayne have been an invaluable support team for us. From taking care of Zak to taking care of Abigael to never-ending moral support, they've been another blessing in our lives.
Wendi Chocholak and her boyfriend, Sam, have been so awesome! They've given up almost every Wednesday since Brandon's accident to take care of Abigael. Baby girl has had several adventures with them: picking blackberries, viewing real estate, attending an auction, and taking walks around Greenlake. Thank you too!
And this past week, Christie's mom, Pat, came to visit for a week, giving Brandon a little more time to recuperate before having to go it alone this week. They had a great time together and wonderful visit.
Over the last six weeks many friends and family have offered their support, help, and prayers. We have you in our thoughts and hearts and love you all!!

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