Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Well status quo for now

I had a Dr.'s appointment this morning. I was greeted with very little good news and lots of the same ole'thing news. The x-rays (these were 15 week x-rays since my bone graft surgery in Oct) show very little bone growth since the last time (6 weeks ago) I had x-rays done. THAT JUST SUCKS!! I feel ok, I have a little pain here and there, but my Physical Therapist says that I am progressing GREAT!! I have very good range of motion (ROM) in my knee and ankle joints and my scars are mobalizing very well. BUT, the bone is just not healing, we think... The Dr. says that the bone graft will not show up on x-ray (it's called x-ray lagging) until it solidifies/calcifies as solid bone, but there may be solid fiberous tissues starting to form in my bone "deficit" that will become bone. The Dr. and the bone stim rep both feel like I have not had enough time using the bone growth stimulator, only about 4 or 5 weeks, to see any tangible results yet. So as it stands I will continue to 50% weight bare, use the EBI Bone Growth Stimulator, continue PT, take my vitamins, and use my crutches (I got new "cripple crutches" the kind that hug your forearms from my PT, they used to belong to another cyclist on the mend) for another 7 weeks until I go back on the 15th of March. I did get a new ROM walking boot so hopefully my knee will take less abuse, THANK YOU Gloria!!

PS Christmas number two on the way soon....

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the old bag said...

Hey, hang in there in a big way -- know it'll heal. Patience is tough, but keep working and believing...

...been there with a s.o. who had his femur rebuilt four years ago after it was pulverized by a car...a long, slow road, but he was back in the saddle a year afterward.


ps -- trackies rule