Saturday, February 18, 2006

BBBBbbbbbrrrrrr It's cold......

So it is in the teens here in Seattle. BBBbbbbbbrrrrrrrrr!!!! Poor Abigael has been sick for the past few days. She woke up from her nap Thursday afternoon crying and cried all evening, took a bath early (with her daddy), didn't eat hardly any dinner, and went to bed, she was ASLEEP before 7pm.

Ahhh Family time!

Chocolate makes it all better!

Friday she woke up feeling better but still full of snot! Instead of going to work Friday morning, I put Abigael down early (11:30am) for a nap, then we went to work at 2pm and Christie picked her up after she got off work.

After work, I got to ride with good friends in a Memorial ride for Ted "Shred" Huener, a dispatcher for Fleetfoot, who passed away last year. I was home by 8:45pm, some night life huh!

This weekend is the Annual Seattle Bicycle Expo and bike swap. I will be volunteering for the Marymoor Velodrome Association at their booth.

Christie's Mom visitied last weekend and didn't want to leave. Abigael and her grandma are like two peas in a pod. They had a blast playing together but the visit was WAY to short. We'll see them again in May for Abigael's 2nd birthday.

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