Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Doctor Who?

Oh no! I just made a horrible mistake!...

If you haven't checked it out yet, you simply must. Friday nights, the Sci-fi channel is running the new Doctor Who series from the BBC. All I can say is "Fantastic!"
For us Gen Xer's here in the States, all we know is the cheesy, cardboard set Doctor Who of the 70's, syndicated on PBS. Now I consider myself a decent geek, but little did I know that this show is like the British Star Trek, it's been around forever. Well, welcome to the 21st century Doctor. For the newest incarnation, take the original premise, fast-forward to present-day London, update the special effects and the clothes, yet still keep that campy feel, and you've got the makings of show worthy enough to air the same night as Battlestar Galactica.
I should have shared this show long ago, as the first season is almost finished (keep an eye out for Sci-fi all-day marathons), but this is like that secret pleasure you don't want to get cheapened by popularity. However, now I find myself with only Brandon to pick apart the details and marvel in the uniqueness of the show. So, if you have the opportunity, check it out. For a first season, the storyline has evolved quite nicely, not to mention the character attachment and the sharp dialog will have you hooked.

Anyway, back my mistake...I decided to check out the official BBC website to see how far along the second season is (about halfway thru) and I saw a horrible spoiler. *gasp* NOOOOO! Howww could theyyy...!!!!?...*sob*...

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