Saturday, July 22, 2006


So we sat down to our nightly ritual of "what is Abigael not going to eat tonight?" It was a lazy evening and we splurged on take-out from Red Mill Burgers. For a change of pace, I was able to mostly enjoy my meal while Abigael picked the sesame seeds off of her burger. Occasionally I pleaded with her to take a bite of burger or french fry (jeesh, what kid won't eat fries?!) Finally, her attention span disappeared with my patience. I took her plate away and we talked while I finished eating. As a last resort (I know, she'll eat when she's hungry, but it still bugs me), I asked if she would like something different to eat.

Abigael: "Yes. Sand-mich."

Me: Eyeroll. Hello...a hamburger IS a sandwich. "OK, honey. What kind of sandwich would you like?"

Abigael: "Hmmmm.....a birthday sand-mich."

Me: "Honey, it's not your birthday. Are you sure you don't want your hamburger sandwich?"

Abigael: Determined furrow in her brow. "Birthday sand-mich!"

Me: "Alright, I give up. What is on a birthday sandwich?"

Abigael: Big grin. "Birthday Cake!!"

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Mom P. said...

Make that baby girl a cake. It can be a "unbirthday" celebration!