Wednesday, August 02, 2006

For Simpson's geeks only

The daily sydicated airing of The Simpson's came on the other night. The theme music perked Abigael's ears and she pulled herself away from chasing the cat long enough to watch for a minute.
It was a more recent episode. The opening featured all the couches in town coming to life and going after the residents of Springfield. Abigael stopped dead in her tracks absorbing the racing colors and changing scenes. At the very end of the opening credits, Homer had ducked into a store for safety only to find out his hiding place was "Couch World." He was surrounded and disappeared under a pile of sofas.
Abigael turned and looked at us with the most serious face, shook her head sadly and said "Poor D'oh."

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Anonymous said...

You do know that I am crying inside from hearing all the things Abigael is doing that I miss. Maybe I can get you and Brandon to post more pictures. At least send the old man some. That's what is so good about emails. Oh yes, you can send some of mommy and daddy to if you want to. ROTFLMAO! All my love. Giove each other hugs and kisses for me. Dad