Monday, December 18, 2006

Estimated Time of Arrival - August 22, 2007


Rob said...


We're ahead of you by a couple of months - May 24, 2007 ... two days before the next Nazario enters this world ... :)

We'll be Da Ville Saturday through Tuesday. If you're free, let's get together.

Christie said...

Oh man! You didn't tell me there was a race!
Thanks and Congratulations to you too! How exciting! How funny that we all decide to procreate at the same time.
Yes, we definitely should get together. See you then!

walker said...

Y I P E E E E !!!

Sheesh! I can not begin to tell you what is in store for you two. I am so happy for you guys and I know you'll LOVE the added adventures and happiness you will face!

Best wishes for a healthy and happy pregnancy.

[can't say that I haven't been wondering when this was going to come to pass]


Wes said...

It make me happy that we are gonna have them so close together! Many congratulations....