Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Dr.s Appt.

Well hello everyone,

The Dr.s appointment went very well. The Dr.s decided that my stitches should come out, yeah!!!! I have another appointment in three weeks on the 21st at that time I will have a series of x-rays to determine how much it has healed. The Dr.s will also schedule my bone graph surgery at that time, for probably the second week in October. Just in time for my birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY.... The Docs say that I am healing very fast and my recovery will be very fast. I am now in a walking boot cast and I am allowed to put about 10% of my weight on my injured leg. I am still exercising my injured leg daily. I am also off of the hardcore narcotic painkillers!!! I have been stepped down to another pain med much less addictive. Thank you for all of your prayers and thoughts. The family is doing well. We can't wait for Christie's mom to come and visit, as well as Julian Chocholak! Friday night is also the last night of track racing at the Velodrome!!! Team Counterbalance teammates Jeff Middlewood and Todd McMeen will be racing on their brand new DeSalvo track frames!!!! Jeff almost has enough points to move up to Cat 3 with me next season. I will also post pictures of the bicycle I was riding when I got hit!!

Wow what a beautiful frame and one hell of a handsome man!!

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