Thursday, August 18, 2005

More surgery ahead...



Hello everyone!! We just went to the Ortho clinic Wednesday the 17th. The doctors say the wounds look great and it is healing up well. The main wound (where the bone ripped through the skin!!) on the front of my shin was still a little weepy so they did not remove the steri-strips or the stitches, oh well. I should be able to start putting toe touch pressure in about 4 to 6 weeks!! Also I should be able to be up moving around and taking care of Abigael in about 2 months or so!!! I also found out, from one of the doctors that actually participated in my surgery, that because it was such a bad break that they had to remove a large portion of bone from my tibia about 6 to 7 cm of bone. This means that I have to have another surgery in 6 to 8 weeks to graph some bone into the empty area on my tibia. There are two ways to approach this graph. The old tried and true method is called an Iliac Crest bone graph where they take bone from your hip and place it at the graph site. This means two painful surgery sites and my Doc would rather not do this surgery. She wants to use a newer less invasive surgery where they use some of my own bone, some donor bone, some good medicines, and a protein mix and make a "slurry" that they will place at the graph site eliminating the need for two surgical sites. I agree and would rather have the newer second surgery. The chance for rejection is the same for either surgery. So I have that going for me....
Meanwhile all is well on the home front!! Brandon's folks have been a blessing and are still here helping out!! When they leave Brandon's aunt Mary will come over and help out while their kitchen is being remodeled. Then around labor day weekend Christie's mom will be coming out to visit and help out and that should take us up to the point where Brandon can start taking care of Abigael again, yeah!!!! Keep on praying and we'll make it through. The only bad news the docs gave me was that I have to put any and or all firefighting (tests, drill, or pulling shifts) on hold for six months maybe even a whole year because of the severity of the break and time it will take the bone to heal.

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