Friday, November 18, 2005

My Name is...


Seems our little girl has a new favorite word (Her first three syllable word). We worked for months to get her to say her name. Finally, she gave in and started calling herself "Aba." Not too bad of a nickname if you ask me. Anytime you asked her name or who she was, she would respond with a confident "Aba!"
Well, this week Brandon took her to spend some playtime with her friend, Maxine, who is just two months older. Maxine is able to say Abigael's full name and apparantly shared the secret with our big girl. Now for the past two days all we've heard is "A-bi-gael! A-bi-gael!" It is sooo cute!

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Rob and Walker said...

I love it! I can relate!

Robin proudly announces her name "Robin Waka Massey"

(Robin Walker Massey)