Thursday, December 22, 2005

Brandon's healing update


So I am healing slowly...VERY SLOWLY! The graft is incorporating and I do have so small amount of new bone growth. But I still have about THREE INCHES of bone to grow!!! I can weight bear up to 50% and I am doing PT with a cycling orriented Physical Therapist. I am also using electro-magnetic pulse stimulation to help regenerate new cell growth (It's called a Bone Growth Stimulator....huh huh he he ha ha huh you said "bone stimulator") for six to twelve weeks it can help growth by up to a 60+% increase over not using it at all!! I can also use the stationary trainer, isometric excercise, and swimming now. BEWARE ALL I WILL BE BACK AND STRONGER THAN BEFORE. Cat 2's & Master A's here I come!! Meanwhile I heal and train on Injured Reserve... For the whole story click here and here

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