Sunday, May 07, 2006

Nap time

2:15 Put Abigael down for a nap. Today we're trying using a bed rail instead the crib side. She has a sippy cup of chocolate milk.

2:20 Click click click. The sound of little hands trying to turn the door knob (the milk must be gone). Then silence.

2:21 Tap Tap Tap. The sound of a little hand knocking on her bedroom door. Shoot. She's still quiet, so I'm faintly hopeful that she'll go back to bed. I go to get the baby monitor.

2:22 - 2:26 Various little kid sounds eminate from the monitor. A drawer opening, jumping on the mattress, knocking on the door...all peppered with the occasional "Mama."

2:28 I quietly go into her room and tuck her back into bed. She looks sleepy and says "ok."

2:29 Click click click. Knock knock knock. "Mama!" Shoot.

2:32 I give up. I quietly go back into her room and tuck her back into bed. I remove the bedrail and put the crib side back on. She looks sleepy. "Night night."

2:32:30 The crying commences. I'm such a heel.

2:37 Still crying (i.e. yelling). Poor baby. I'm still a heel.

2:41 The crying has stopped, replaced with the sound of jumping and rustling in the bed. Whew! Hopefully, it won't be long...

2:45 I think we're still doing ok. She's talking to herself a little bit, but still fairly quiet. "Abigael's pillow." Moan, jump, moan.

2:50 I think we've done it. I haven't heard anything for a minute or so. Sleep tight, baby girl.

Oh well...we'll try again another day. Surely she won't have to sleep in a crib till she's grown, will she....?


Anonymous said...

Poor Abigael, she has such a mean Mommy. Making her sleep when she is not ready to sleep. Maybe Mommy will learn soon who rules the house. Papa ROTFLMAO......

Rob and Walker said...


Good for you. She'll get the hang of it. You're doing great.


Anonymous said...

If first you don't succeed.......
Good job!Mom P