Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Say that again...?

This is too good to pass up...

Email from my mom yesterday:

"Hi Babe, remember how I complained about the squirrels and rabbits running rampant over the yard. Well, now we have a chicken sitting on a nest of 12 eggs.."
WHAT?! Did she say a CHICKEN is living in their yard?! OK, I know I'm from the South, but I swear it's really not like that. For those of you who don't know where my childhood home in Hope Mills is, it's not exactly surrounded by farms and is on a pretty busy road.
I haven't gotten the whole story yet, but evidentially this chicken found a really good reason to cross the road!


Anonymous said...

Christie, Ever since I had to put the cat down last winter the animals have taken over the areas around the house. In the morning I can look out at the grape vines and see at least three rabbits four squirrels, countless cardinals, and a wide varity of other wild life. No snakes yet this year that I have seen. The hen made a nest in the bushes against the front porch. She has 12 eggs under her. She belongs to the Harris clan across the road (Lisa or her Mom). Another of her chickens is nesting beside the McGees acroos the road (14 eggs). Another at the old farm house (Lisa's Mom's) with 12 eggs also. It should be about another 2-3 weeks before the area comes alive with chickens. I just hope the fox that lives by the creek doesn't find them.
Love you, Dad

Rob said...

So I guess neither chickens or shriners are welcome ..... :)

Christie said...

LOL! Memory like an elephant, huh?
The chicken is probably better off, I hear Dad is giving it some food.

Anonymous said...

Rob, you remember the sign I see. Do you remember why it was put up to begin with? Anyway, the chicken is welcome. I feed it and give water daily. I even put a cover on the bushes to block the sun and rain from her nest.
As for the squirrels they are ok until the pecans are almost ready. They can strip a tree in no time at all so in the fall they go.
You do remember how big the trees are don't you. By the way always know that you and yours are always welcome here. Pat and I both love the picture you posted.
Christie, give hugs and kisses from Papa to all.
Love Dad