Monday, October 16, 2006

Random music post

Driving into work this morning, I was grooving to a particularly good set of tunes on the local "Classic Rock" radio station (i.e. oldies with guitar riffs. How sad that Queen is now relegated to that category). The next song to come up was “Centerfold” by The J. Giles Band and I was instantly time warped back to 1981. When I was eight or nine, the local roller skate rink had a special time on Saturday mornings for the younger kids to skate. For a couple of hours, you could fine tune your skills without having to worry about being run over by the know-it-alls. My mom would take me and for a little while I was cool, making the circle several hundred times and singing along with the music blaring from the speakers. Anyway, today as a 33 year old mother, I turned up my car stereo a little more and sang aloud again...“my blood runs memory has just been sold...” It crosses my mind, was a song about a guy fantasizing about what was under fuzzy sweaters and buying adult magazines really appropriate music for eight-year-olds? I guess the music kids listen to today really may not be so bad after all.

(Note: As I searched for the links to put in the post, I came across the album listing for the band. I had forgotten they had done such classics as "Freeze Frame" and "Love Stinks." Awesome.)

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Anonymous said...

I can relate. When I hear the early Beatles songs, I'm twelve again.