Sunday, June 19, 2005

Fathers Day!!

Well hello everyone. We had a nice week proceeding Father's day weekend. We have less than a week before we leave for NC and then NYC!! Abigael has been such a happy and smiling baby now that her teeth have busted through and are not hurting her as much. Abigael took a small spill trying to learn how to walk down the steps. She nailed the first step, stopping to turn around and back off the step. GREAT! Then when she tried to bend over for the next step she missed the step and went right over the edge (only about a 4" step) and scrapped her left eye lid, it swelled up, and the side of her nose. She is truly a trooper though and it has not slowed her down as she is almost healed up already.
Brandon raced at the track on Wednesday and Friday. There was a bad crash at the track Wednesday night in the Master A category involving 3 riders. One of the riders, Dan N., hit his head, started seizing and was pretty banged up. The other two were not injured. Brandon helped to administer emergency first-aid along with the EMT on duty and a couple of other medically trained racers (two ER Dr.'s and a trauma RN). The training just kicked in. The paramedics arrived and transported him to Harborview. He ended up ok with no head injuries just a broken scapula, ribs, a torn up broken hand, and a bruised lung. Not to worry anyone, the truth is the track can be dangerous, but then so is walking across the street. The whole family went out to the track Friday night to put on the Kiddie Kilo. Christie was once again invaluable in helping to register and wrangle about 25 kids from 3 yo to 12 yo. Abigael played and was entertained by one of our friends and Brandon's teammate, Jeff "Money" Middlewood. Money was not racing due to an injured foot. Brandon had a dismal results night. Oh well.
Thursday night's KCFD 20 training was truly a team building exercise. And on Saturday we drilled on our state firefighter one practical exams. We all need a little more practice... FATHER'S DAY was quiet. Christie and Abigael let Daddy sleep in, gave daddy a card when he woke up and then we went to the Mecca for a late brunch. Afterwards we went to the Seattle Center and let Abigael test her new two piece bathing suit and wade in the kiddie wading fountain. Then we played on the grass. All in all it was a great week. Pictures to come soon.

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