Friday, June 10, 2005

Week in Review

It's been a pretty quiet week at the Lockwood home. Well, disregarding the occasional screaming from Abigael because of her sore mouth. Poor baby has two more teeth coming in, for a total of SIX at once! We're up to four on top and two on bottom. The bottom teeth are being a little stubborn and haven't completely broken through yet. However, the top ones are very clearly there and too cute! But, she's a trooper and overall seems to be handling it pretty well. Her appetite is starting to pick back up a little, although she still eats like a bird.
It was a busy week for Christie at work, lots of deadlines. But she loves the pressure, it helps her excel. As well as her normal job, she's been able to participate on several special teams that have provided some good visibility to upper management, as well excellent opportunities to improve those presentation skills.
Brandon had a great weekend of fire fighter training. It made him even more eager to get to the real thing. The week has been spent resting up and taking care of Abigael (a full-time job!).
Sorry there haven't been more pictures. Our digital camera died a couple of weeks ago. It's currently being repaired. Hopefully, we'll be getting it back in the next week or so. We definitely need it back before we head out to NC and NY for vacation at the end of the month. More on that later...

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