Sunday, June 12, 2005

The Lazy Weekend

Not too much to report for the weekend...Brandon didn't have KCFD20 class on Saturday so we were able to spend the day together. It ended up being a lazy day. Played with the baby, took a nap, Brandon went to the bike shop, played with the baby some more and went to watch some bike riding in the evening. There was a criterium over in Ballard so we rode over on our bikes (with Abigael in the bike trailer.)
Brandon's two cents
; Abigael did great in the trailer, she stayed dry, although she was fed up by the time we got home. And for those of you that live here in Seattle, the Ballard locks close at 9pm! Which meant we had to ride home in the pouring rain over the Ballard Bridge! Talk about threading the needle!! Our Burley trailer only had about 2" on each side, we even had to stop and lift it over a tight spot, we made our way across very slowly. We made it, but I don't want to do it again!! It was my second time on my single speed bike, I really like it. Brandon put the perfect gear (39x16) on it for me. I was a little worried because I'm so out of shape, but had no problems, made me feel a little better about the upcoming trip to NYC.
This morning (Sunday) we had breakfast with friends from our last apartment (Kyle, Layla, and Mia.) It was really nice to see them and catch up. We miss having such great neighbors.
In the afternoon, Brandon went out to Marymoor Veledrome. He was helping to teach a beginner track class. He really enjoyed it, and is looking forward to doing again. After helping with a few classes, he might be able to lead one on his own.
We're starting to get geared up for our trip to New York City for the Cycle Messenger World Championships XIII (CMWC). It is going to be so much fun. Neither of us have ever been to NYC. Brandon is billing this as our "second honeymoon." ;)

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