Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Turkey Day!

It's a quiet Thanksgiving Day in the Lockwood home (except, of course, for the cranky two year old.) All of our family is out of town and our local friends are with their's. That's OK, we've been looking forward to a nice, easy day for a while now. The weather is perfect for being lazy (rain, wind and cold), so there's no guilt about sitting in front of the TV all day, watching football. I wasn't going to go through the work of making a big, traditional meal for just the three of us, but things got a little out of control at the grocery store last night. Needless to say there's now a 7 1/2 pound turkey breast in the oven and a bag of my folks' North Carolina pecans waiting to be turned into a pie.

In the spirit of the Holiday, a few things that I am thankful for (or at least are pretty cool):
-Brandon. My husband, my best friend, my PIA, my motivator, the love of my life.
-Abigael. The best thing that every happened to me.
-The continued reasonably good health of all of us. Despite the hardships of this past year with Brandon's leg, it could have easily been much, much worse.
-Both of our parents. You couldn't ask for more loving, giving people. People who are there through good and bad, always there with a helping hand, an encouraging word, or a just a hug.
-Our home. Although we are still living in an apartment, it's a roof over our head that we pay for ourselves. It's not the lap of luxury, but it's warm, dry and full of love.
-The ability to have the little things in life. Those amenities in life, that while aren't necessary, definitely make our day-to-day life easier, more entertaining, and sometimes more complicated.
-The USA. It may sound corny, but living in a country where all of the above things are possible and attainable. It's not perfect by a long shot, but it's a lot better than some of the alternatives out there.
-The Future. It's never too late to make changes, learn new things, or reach for new goals.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Hug someone you love!


MMMMMMM...Thanksgiving Dinner!


Anonymous said...

Hope the turkey was good today! Oh yeah, and the turkey you were cooking was good and finished just the way you wanted it to. (Yes, Brandon that was a funny from dad for you. LOL Really though I am so happy that all is well in the Lockwood home. The happy growth of your childern is all that any parent could even hope for. I am very pleased in the way that you two are still growing together. OH, any news for Papa yet about another grand baby? No? I am not kidding but I am having fun with the ONE wonderful grand baby and am so looking forward to spoiling her some more next month. "If and when" you two make me a GP again will be fine.
Love these blogs. Please keep them coming. Thanksgiving hugs to all.

Anonymous said...

Great looking holiday dinner. Bet it tastes as good too. Wish I was there to share it with you. We had leftovers nuked in the microwave. Wow, even gravey in a GRAVEY dish. Good job.

Anonymous said...

Wow, looks like you all had quite a feast. We are thankful for all of our kids and grandkids, you all are such a blessing to us. Life wouldn't be the same without you. Thank you for sharing your Thanksgiving and everyday life with us. Keep the daily blogging going!
Mom and Dad