Sunday, November 19, 2006

Need a change

OK. That does it. I was just flipping thru the NaBloPoMo Randomizer (which you should absolutely do if you have a few minutes to just surf around) and was so impressed with all the creativity out there. Everyone has such wonderful themes, names and ideas. I'm so jealous. If it's one thing that I'm really bad at, it's coming up with names or titles. My pets' names are Zak and Matt, for goodness sake, and I didn't even think of those myself.
I'm not disappointed with the content of our blog, actually I'm pretty happy with it so far. But, we totally need a new name and/or tag line. Something catchy and tells you a little about us before you dig into reading. So, it's time for a change. I'm setting a goal and I'm enlisting your help. By the end of the year, if not sooner, I'd like to update the site with a new name and look. If you have any ideas, I'd love to hear them. Friends, family, strangers, send me your thoughts. I need all the help I can get.


Anonymous said...

Don't get so up tight about changing things. Those of us who read, enjoy, and look forward to seeing your comments don't give a damned about how cute or fancy the site looks. Like myself, they come to this site to learn what is happening with you, Brandon, and of course Abigael, and Matt and Zack.
Change what ever you find that you want to (if you can find time) but just keep posting.
While I am here let me ask you, does Brandon understand that three voice mails from some one usually is a hint to "give them a return call :)"
Love, hugs, and kisses to all... Dad

Roonie said...

That's how I found you!