Thursday, November 30, 2006

I Do!

On this day 10 years ago, Brandon and I exchanged vows before family and friends, beginning our new life as husband and wife. Happy Anniversary! Through good times and bad, richer and poorer, sickness and health, we're still going strong. We're even still wearing the same wedding bands that we bought for less than $200 (combined). Over these years, our 20's have faded into memories and, by the standards we had as kids, we're OLD now. Thankfully it doesn't feel like it. We've had many adventures and a lot of mundane, just-getting-by days. We've shared laughs, tears, anger, and joy. We've made good and bad decisions, living with each equally. Everything a marriage is supposed to be. And by a miracle, we've been blessed with another member to our family. Someone to fill in the piece we didn't even know we were missing.

For your viewing pleasure and amusement, courtesy of the scanner, it's off to the Way Back Machine...


Rob said...

Congrats and happy anniversary! I was just wondering what I was doing 10 years ago yesterday. BTW - your special day is also special to me, for it was the first time I ever remember encountering the concept of "open bar" versus "cash bar."

Congrats again!

Anonymous said...

That day still stands as a very happy and a very sad day in my life. I was so happy that you were doing something that just made you glow. As time has proven you married a good man. Brandon and I may get on each other nerves once in a while but that's what fathers of daughters and the men who marry them do. He will realize that so much more when Abigael has her heart set on a man to marry. Don't worry Brandon you will get the chance to be an over bearing father before then when "Abigael starts dating". :)
That was the happy day! The sad day was one and the same as I saw my little baby girl turn into a woman and take a husband. Watching you leave was very hard even though I knew it had to be. That's is why I did not give you away at the wedding but did agree to share you with Brandon.
Side note! July three years ago I finished paying off the wedding and the next year I bought a truck. ROTFLMAO!!!!! Money very well spent. Words cannot express the happiness I feel when I see the three of you together and happy.
Thanks for the pictures to make me all soft and warm inside. Kisses to you and the other two thirds of your world. Oh yes, I am feeling so much like I did as a child waiting for Christmas morning. Not for the presents to unwrap but for the time i will get to spend with all three of you........ Love and hugs to share around, Dad

Anonymous said...

Where has the time gone! What a day that was full of joy and excitement, and what a handsome couple you were. Ten years as flown by and we are so blessed by your family. Your mother started this but she didn't finish so I will try. You two have grown as one and have become the family we have prayed for daily for the past ten years. We never question why the Lord does wonderious things. We are very proud of how your lives have turned out and what good parents you have become. Your dad and mom