Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Halloween was yesterday and unlike last year, Abigael was totally into it. She loved her costume and took great delight in pointing out every other pirate she saw. We practiced a few times at home and she did a great job of saying "Trick or Treat" right on cue.
Abigael's "school" participated in the holiday and took the kids trick or treating around the campus. She was able to hang out with her best friend, Maxine, and made out with a pretty good stash.

Last night Brandon and I took Abigael up to Magnolia village for the community Halloween celebration. About two blocks of the main street was closed to traffic and all of the local business opened their doors and candy jars to the young and young-at-heart. Abigael had a blast admiring all the costumes, dutifully pointing out and naming each one she recognized. "A duck!...Another pirate!...A witch!...Elmo!...Another pirate!" She had a great time and even woke up this morning asking to go trick or treating for more candy!

A much need sugar break!


Anonymous said...

Awesome costume!

Anonymous said...

You have done it again. My eyes were watering as I looked at these pictures. Love and hugs to all. I am soooooo looking forward to Christmas.
Love Dad

Anonymous said...

What a cute pirate girl. Can't wait for you and Abigael to come visit. Emma is eagerly awaiting seeing her 'best friend' Abigael in Seattle.
Love, Mom L.