Thursday, November 16, 2006

Onion Breath

It was a fun day today. After a quick bit of work, I checked out of my hotel and headed over to Gabbie's house for a day with the family. Grandma met us there with Abigael. I had hoped for a huge, heartfelt greeting as I hadn't seen her in two days. She was so wrapped up in her play though, it seemed like it took a good twenty seconds for her to even recognize me. That's ok (sniff, sniff), I know she missed me.
For an outing today, we took the kids to the bowling alley a couple of blocks away. Emma had tried it once before, but it was a first for Abigael. It was so cute to watch her lug her bowling ball up to the line and push it down the lane.
She had fun, but it was short-lived. We waited a little too long to go out and the kids were anxious for lunch. (I think Abigael has eaten more in the past three days than the last three weeks.)
We finished our game and headed next door to the adjoining diner. Abigael ate about a quarter of her grilled cheese sandwich, a few french fries, and some of the bacon off of my cheesburger. She seemed to loose interest in eating so I started giving her extras off of my plate. First a dill pickle chip, which she ate fairly quickly. She reached over and grabbed another one. No problem, anything I can get her to eat, halfway healthy, is fine with me. Then she did the unthinkable. Her small hand crept over to my plate again and poked at the raw onion that had been served on the side of my cheeseburger. She wrapped her chubby finger around a piece of it and pulled it up to her mouth. Almost in slow motion, I watched her mouth open and then her teeth crunch into it. NOOOOOO! It was too late, she had taken a bite. I watched in horror as she did it again. She had crossed over to the dark side. Anyone who's been around me while I'm eating, knows that I detest onions, especially raw ones. The smell alone assaults my senses and almost makes me gag. I get alot of teasing about this, but I don't care, it's just the way it is. So, you can imagine my disapointment as I watched my sweet, innocent daughter munch happily away. I tried to console myself that "at least she's eating." But even that backfired a little later when I gave her kisses before naptime and all I could smell was that awful onion breath.


Brandon said...

YESSSS!!!!! Soon there will be two of us vs. one in the onion wars!!! We will be able to flavor or meals with something other than just garlic and salt & pepper!!! Way to go there Abigael!!! Sorry Christie she gets some from you and some from me.... What'cha gonna do?!?.... Love you guys See you both tonight! Love B

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Abigael really enjoyed that onion too. She certainly has been packing away the food. Must be the Southern California air that is making her so hungry. We have had a fun time playing together, bowling, and going to the park too. I will miss both Abigael and Christie as will Dad/Popi.
Love, Mom