Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Home Alone

Hello all! So this week as Christie has said I am home all alone... Just me and the animals (yes they need a break from the terrible 2 1/2 yo too!). Last night I was actually able to pick up the house, clean the dinning room table, do the dishes, vaccum, and do some homework all without wlking back into the living room to find an even bigger mess than before!! But it was very lonely without my girls... Without Abigael constantly asking for juice and to watch Dora. Or without the rythmic snores of my sweet wife in bed (love ya hon!). I will ride to school today for BOTH morning and evening classes!!! It is actually a very beautiful day out the sun is shining and IT'S NOT rainning. There is supposed to be a huge storm coming in tomorrow morning AGAIN so I'll take what riding I can get!! The Chocholak's will be here today!! I can't wait to see Julian's eyes when he sees the bike I he commisioned me to build-up for him!!

OH and by the way I haven't totally abandoned Christie and this Lockwoods site for Track Daddy I just figured most few people that read this don't want to hear about bike this and bike that.... >>>


Anonymous said...

Enjoy the quiet because it won't last long. It'll be nice for a couple of days before you start talking to Zak & Matt. Tell Julian I said Hi!
Love you,
Mom P

Anonymous said...

Like Pat said enjoy the rest period. I know your folks will be enjoying this time with the wild girl! :)
I do hope you get the house all clean and straightened up for Abigael (take pre-Abigael arrival pictures so you can prove you did it LOL). That will give her something to mess up during the first hour she is back.
I do keep up on your track daddy as well even though I can't always follow the terms you use when your talking about bikes.
Enjoy the rest and know that I am so looking forward to a great visit next month.
Love you, Dad

Anonymous said...

Well, Christie and Abigael arrived last evening just in time for dinner. We had a lovely, but short visit with Christie before she had to leave for HB where her meetings are. Abigael was pretty tired. She fell to sleep on the couch in perfect Abigael fashion. I slept with one eye open and one ear ready to hear the munchkin moving about, but alas, she slept til I woke her up at about 6:45a.m.to go to Aunt Gabbies. I think she was exhausted! Tonight she is sleeping over with Emma and tomorrow she will be back here for the night. It's so good to have our Northern family here, but we miss you Brandon. Enjoy your freedom for a little while. Hi to Jules for all of us!
Love, Mom