Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Movie Night

We just made it back home after a night out at the movies. Well, not a traditional movie, but the only cultural event that Brandon and I can enjoy together. The Banff Mountain Film Festival is making it's annual world tour with several showings in the Seattle area. If you've never heard of it, the Banff Centre, located in the Canadian Rockies, sponsors a film festival dedicated to Mountain Culture. It's grown into an international competition, attracting submissions from all over the globe. The entries span the spectrum of film-making: from amusing shorts about ducks to feature length documentaries profiling unique native cultures. There is something for everyone. I have never left a showing without learning something new and being touched in some primal place that yearns for adventure. After the big festival at the end of October, a selection of films hits the road, traveling all over the U.S. and the world. We first saw the festival in Boone, sponsored by the Appalachian State Rec. Department. From the first frame, we fell in love with the event and look forward to a new edition every year. I'm very proud to say that this is the seventh year that Brandon and I have attended and, as always, it didn't fail to deliver. I confirmed two things this year: one, our world is full of beautiful, amazing people, places and things; and two, I never win anything! There is always a door prize drawing during intermission, with the festival sponsors supplying the gifts. Brandon won an awesome prize for the second year in a row! Last year it was a Patagonia jacket. This year he won a free pair of Dunham boots. He so sucks....

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Anonymous said...

Sorry I haven't been commenting like I should but this damned computer must have been hacked. I got an undtaed disc yesterday so I am going to reinstall my server as soon as I can find some time.
The festival sounds like something I would enjoy as well. I am happy to hear that you and Brandon can still find a little time to slip out and have some "us" time. Look, when your thoirty days is up here don't let that stop you. Mom and I really look forward to every entry you make here. Even if we don't comment rest assured that we each check both this and track daddy at least once each day for new Lockwood reports. Love to all